What is a drone?

What is a drone : Who Invented

Drone is like a flying robot friend that can go to places and do work under the control of human or computer. It’s like a little flying assistant that can take good photos, deliver goods, or even explore places that might be difficult for humans to reach. What is a drone?

what is drone?

Who invented drone?

The drone was somewhat of a team effort, but the idea actually came from the mind of Abraham Karim, an aerospace engineer often referred to as the “father of the drone.” He helped pioneer the concept in the 1980s. What is a drone?

What is satellite?

A satellite is like a space messenger – a small object that orbits the Earth, like a cosmic eye in the sky, sending signals or gathering information from above.

What is satellite?

Which is the only natural satellite of Earth?

Earth’s only natural satellite is the Moon.

What is satellite communication?

Satellite communications is like throwing messages into space and catching special metal friends, called satellites, and sending them around the world.

What are artificial satellites?

Artificial satellites are like man-made space friends – metallic companions we send into orbit to help us interact, observe and connect around the world.

what is satellite?

What is geo Satellite?

A geosatellite is like a patient friend hovering in the sky, always above the same location on Earth, helping with tasks like TV broadcasting and tracking the weather.

What is a natural satellite?

A natural satellite is like Earth’s cosmic companion – something that naturally moves around with us in space. Our Moon is a perfect example of this.

Cosmic Sidekick: A natural satellite is Earth’s cosmic sidekick, which naturally accompanies our planet in space.

Example: Moon: The Moon is a prime example of a natural satellite, which revolves around the Earth.

No man-made interference: Unlike artificial satellites made by humans, natural satellites are not designed but exist naturally in space.

Celestial dance: These satellites engage in a celestial dance as they orbit their host planet due to gravitational forces.


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